The Season of Yard Sales

Well the school year is slowly coming to a close as I finish my junior year. I’m very excited because, of course, this means that my senior year will begin this fall and not only that, but I will be turning the big 1-8 this winter. The first thing that comes to mind when you hit that age? FIRST APARTMENT.

So as I begin my search of apartments and start browsing through moving tips, I have begun to realize how much STUFF I have. I come from a mother of hoarding and so I have planned a grand exit – a yard sale! My mom isn’t very happy about the idea, but I’m super excited to be able to make money PLUS help declutter the house and make it even easier for me to move!

In honor of my yard sale extravaganza, I am going to share with you guys what all I have planned to do for it and how I plan on setting it up! Of course I will be sharing after pictures but I’d love to hear more ideas! This is going to be a split up into a few different posts because, let’s be honest, I rant.

First things first. I plan on having it on a Friday and Saturday in June. I think June is a great month for garage sales because

  • It’s cooler outside.
  • I’m personally less busy.
  • And who doesn’t love to start off their summer by buying more junk!?

Fridays can be a hit or miss with yard sales. It’s always better to have it during the evenings but I plan on starting my yard sale at the same time on both days. This way there’s no confusion and for the people who are lucky enough to not be working.

Saturdays are ALWAYS the best day. Everyone is out and about and heading to the beach or feeling all stuffy from being stuck in the office all week. I feel this is a great day to have it and I think it’ll be the best selling day for the yard sale.

I’m going to do the yard sale from 8AM to 4PM. I’ve heard that there are always early birds and that’s why I decided that 7AM would be a horrible start time. My main goal is to declutter so having it until 4PM will give it plenty of time to demolish the stash.

You should always ask around and find out what days and times have worked the best in your city. They change city to city, but I feel these days are pretty general.

Next… read about how I plan to set up and the best way to get attention to your sale!


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