Yard Sales: Attracting Buyers

So as I begin my hunt through the house to find things to sell at the yard sale I’ve started to wonder.. I live in the middle of nowhere, how will they find me!? So let’s talk about how to get creative!

If you live on the main drag through town, you don’t really need a whole lot of signs. If you live a few turns this way and that way, you should definitely consider setting up signs. So here are some tips that I plan on trying:

  • Make the signs bright. What I plan on doing is putting two bright colored poster boards together so that it really stands out.
  • Make sure that things are written CLEARLY. I like to go yard saling once in a while and I hate when I can’t figure out what the person is trying to say! Use a common font, not cutesy wutesy type of font.
  • All you really need to include on the sign: the words “yard sale,” the days and times, the address(optional, but always good to have) and an arrow pointing the way. AND WRITE BIG.
  • BALLOONS. This might seem silly, but who doesn’t love balloons? Attaching them to the signs and definitely make yours stand out. (Additional idea that I will be trying: I want to incorporate the balloons into the sale. I’m thinking about writing things like “DVDs,” “women’s clothes” and things like that and putting them in the areas with those items to make it easier to find items.)
  • Make sure there is a sign AT EVERY TURN.

Another way to attract buyers (if you’re tech savvy) is to use Facebook groups and Craigslist. This is a great way to get it out there for more people and reach people who might not even be on the same side of town as you. It’s also easier because you can list all those unique items that you have for sale and also post pictures of what’s going to be there.

The last idea that I will be trying is putting up flyers. At the laundry mat in town there’s a giant billboard where you can put flyers and this is another way to get it out to people. List those fancy items, give them the date and time and tell them to be there!

Also check out this post about finding the right time, day and date for a yard sale!


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