Yard Sales: Organizing and Getting Ready

As I’m getting ready to have my big moving out yard sale I’ve started to realize that oops, I didn’t organize how I stored anything. This is definitely not me, I’m a very organized person and somehow I didn’t think it through when I decided that obviously I can just put books and clothes in this box and worry about it later. NOPE.

The best thing you can do when you’re going to have a yard sale is organize. You will not know if you need ten tables or if you need thirty and let me tell you – there’s a big difference.

What I’ve been doing is as I find things to sell, I will price them, place them into a box marked #__ with what is in the box with “yard sale” written on the box so I know how many boxes of stuff that I have. It’s not the worst organization system, but it’s  definitely not the best. I would definitely recommend sorting like items together. I am a female so I have a lot of clothes to sell which means I have boxes marked “small clothing” and “pants” and then I have a tote with the medium sized clothing so far. I have other boxes marked with DVDs, Craft Items, Jewelry and Lotions and the like.

Not my image.
Not my image.

Another thing to consider as you’re collecting items, is to consider having a section of your yard sale reserved for free items. Many of the things I have in boxes marked free stuff are old toys, magazines and information on planting or colleges that I think someone else would enjoy. Since my main goal is to declutter, a lot of the items I’ve put in there could go for 10-25 cents by I’m not honestly bothered by this because I’d rather just get rid of the stuff.

Consider what your main goal is – is to make money or to just get rid of things?

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