Money Problems

Some people say that money doesn’t buy happiness, I’m not going to lie, I think these people are all rich as hell. You can really discover who you are by how you react to being “poor.” My mother is a single mom, which is pretty common these days. Throughout her adult life, she’s given birth to five children. FIVE. You can imagine how many jobs she had to work in order to keep all of us somewhat happy. It’s enough to drive a person insane.

Thus, financial stability became a big part of my life. I started my first job a month and a half after I turned fourteen. I then proceeded to improve and work my way up to a management position by the age of seventeen. Now, as I head into my fourth year with this business, I have decided to quit. People quit their jobs for so many different reasons; they weren’t satisfied, they found a better job, they’re moving. Me? I wasn’t happy with the way I was treated. And maybe some people will think that I’m crazy for up and quitting without another job lined up when I’m so close to the big 1-8. But, I’m happy that I did it. I’ve never felt so free and relieved of all the stress that came with that job and I feel like me again.

Enough of the emotional crap. I came here to talk about money. As I’m quitting that job, I buy a car the same week I put in my two week notice – not my greatest idea. So I ended up borrowing money from my lovely brother(he’s pretty fantastic.) Now before I borrowed that money, I was freaking. I bought a cheap car that needed repairs. My car was going into the shop that week and long story short – worst week of my life so far. But weeks like this show you who you are as a person and what’s important to you. It shows you how much other people care about you and even though they’re stressful, you still get something out of them.

This weekend I’ve never felt more productive and I’ve learned how to make money without having to work at a job that I no longer love. It’s a great feeling and don’t be scared if you hate your job, look for another one.

Be you.


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