Tips For Using A Planner

So this is my pretty blue planner. It’s not exactly this color and more greenish, but you get the gist of what it looks like. I haven’t added anything to the front since I’m not sure what I want there. I’m thinking college brochures as inspiration – thoughts?

Blog Post 006
This is the type.

Blog Post 007
Everybody knows that the best planner has tabs for months and then a section for each day! The planner looks so chic!

Blog Post 008
Any important dates are highlighted in pink. I highlight things going on around town that could cause business towards my job in purple and my boyfriend’s work schedule is in blue so I don’t confuse his schedule with mine.

Blog Post 009
I have post-it notes that put an extra pop into my goals and deadlines for that month. (This will get even more complicated once school comes back around! It’s a good thing there’s SO many different colors of pens.)

Blog Post 011
The occasional inspirational quotes that I randomly write in my planner along with doodles and how I’m feeling.

Blog Post 014
I didn’t have a place to store papers, so I made one! I love it because it reminds me of watermelon and who doesn’t love watermelon?

Blog Post 015
Bonus in my planner: a United States map with time zones! Perfect since I have siblings that will be in two different states by the end of this year!

Other tips:

  • Use washi tape to really make things pop. I don’t use this because I personally think it’s too bulky and interfering with my whole schedule. Also, it’s kind of expensive so I flee away from it.
  • Once school comes back into session, I will be putting what I plan to accomplish each day. I will also be putting my work schedule for that day and make a loose schedule for how I plan on accomplishing those assignments and reading. (Since I can’t stick to a plan at all.)
  • Only have ONE planner. It can be really confusing if you have more than one and you write something into one and forget it when you schedule something in the other planner. ORGANIZATION NIGHTMARE.
  • My last tip is to consider the month part of the calendar as the big picture. This is everything that is big and happening. Examples: events, appointments and work schedules. Things that I include in each day is: homework, classes and my to do list for the day.

How do you organize your planner?


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