I don’t come to work with an attitude.

I don’t come in demanding raises and saying that I have been reviewed badly.

In the past six months, I have done nothing but grown. I have completed training papers on over twenty employees every month. I have verified over thirty employees on a station. I have planned events. I have made myself available to EVERYBODY. I listen to complaints from customers, staff and managers. If a customer is complaining, I fix it and make them leave with a smile. If a co-worker is down, stressed or expresses interest in moving up, I get them going in the right way. If a manager is having problems, I help them fix it. I help people in every way that I can. They all come to me.

I’m good with everybody. I improve myself. I listen. I don’t complain. If you need somebody to work a station that everybody hates, I’ll volunteer. We are getting PAID to do this. You shut up, sit down and do your job.

I come up with ideas. I come up with new ideas when those ideas are shut down.

So why is it when I warn you about something, or come to you when I have a problem, am I shut down? Not listened to? Why are you promoting people up when they give nothing but attitude, don’t care about anybody but themselves and refuses to do what needs to be done?


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