I don’t come to work with an attitude.

I don’t come in demanding raises and saying that I have been reviewed badly.

In the past six months, I have done nothing but grown. I have completed training papers on over twenty employees every month. I have verified over thirty employees on a station. I have planned events. I have made myself available to EVERYBODY. I listen to complaints from customers, staff and managers. If a customer is complaining, I fix it and make them leave with a smile. If a co-worker is down, stressed or expresses interest in moving up, I get them going in the right way. If a manager is having problems, I help them fix it. I help people in every way that I can. They all come to me.

I’m good with everybody. I improve myself. I listen. I don’t complain. If you need somebody to work a station that everybody hates, I’ll volunteer. We are getting PAID to do this. You shut up, sit down and do your job.

I come up with ideas. I come up with new ideas when those ideas are shut down.

So why is it when I warn you about something, or come to you when I have a problem, am I shut down? Not listened to? Why are you promoting people up when they give nothing but attitude, don’t care about anybody but themselves and refuses to do what needs to be done?


Tips For Using A Planner

So this is my pretty blue planner. It’s not exactly this color and more greenish, but you get the gist of what it looks like. I haven’t added anything to the front since I’m not sure what I want there. I’m thinking college brochures as inspiration – thoughts?

Blog Post 006
This is the type.

Blog Post 007
Everybody knows that the best planner has tabs for months and then a section for each day! The planner looks so chic!

Blog Post 008
Any important dates are highlighted in pink. I highlight things going on around town that could cause business towards my job in purple and my boyfriend’s work schedule is in blue so I don’t confuse his schedule with mine.

Blog Post 009
I have post-it notes that put an extra pop into my goals and deadlines for that month. (This will get even more complicated once school comes back around! It’s a good thing there’s SO many different colors of pens.)

Blog Post 011
The occasional inspirational quotes that I randomly write in my planner along with doodles and how I’m feeling.

Blog Post 014
I didn’t have a place to store papers, so I made one! I love it because it reminds me of watermelon and who doesn’t love watermelon?

Blog Post 015
Bonus in my planner: a United States map with time zones! Perfect since I have siblings that will be in two different states by the end of this year!

Other tips:

  • Use washi tape to really make things pop. I don’t use this because I personally think it’s too bulky and interfering with my whole schedule. Also, it’s kind of expensive so I flee away from it.
  • Once school comes back into session, I will be putting what I plan to accomplish each day. I will also be putting my work schedule for that day and make a loose schedule for how I plan on accomplishing those assignments and reading. (Since I can’t stick to a plan at all.)
  • Only have ONE planner. It can be really confusing if you have more than one and you write something into one and forget it when you schedule something in the other planner. ORGANIZATION NIGHTMARE.
  • My last tip is to consider the month part of the calendar as the big picture. This is everything that is big and happening. Examples: events, appointments and work schedules. Things that I include in each day is: homework, classes and my to do list for the day.

How do you organize your planner?

Moving Up

Here it is, the summer before my senior year of high school. I’m super excited, of course, and wish the new school year was already here. That’s what I get for taking off a week of work when I don’t have school right now, I suppose! The only thing I get to look forward to now is season 3 of Orange Is The New Black and.. my promotion at work! Yes! I will be moving up to a higher management position this summer and I’m so excited. I will start running shifts and begin making a difference in my work place!

I can’t wait to start making improvements this summer and well into the future. What are your summer plans?

Money Problems

Some people say that money doesn’t buy happiness, I’m not going to lie, I think these people are all rich as hell. You can really discover who you are by how you react to being “poor.” My mother is a single mom, which is pretty common these days. Throughout her adult life, she’s given birth to five children. FIVE. You can imagine how many jobs she had to work in order to keep all of us somewhat happy. It’s enough to drive a person insane.

Thus, financial stability became a big part of my life. I started my first job a month and a half after I turned fourteen. I then proceeded to improve and work my way up to a management position by the age of seventeen. Now, as I head into my fourth year with this business, I have decided to quit. People quit their jobs for so many different reasons; they weren’t satisfied, they found a better job, they’re moving. Me? I wasn’t happy with the way I was treated. And maybe some people will think that I’m crazy for up and quitting without another job lined up when I’m so close to the big 1-8. But, I’m happy that I did it. I’ve never felt so free and relieved of all the stress that came with that job and I feel like me again.

Enough of the emotional crap. I came here to talk about money. As I’m quitting that job, I buy a car the same week I put in my two week notice – not my greatest idea. So I ended up borrowing money from my lovely brother(he’s pretty fantastic.) Now before I borrowed that money, I was freaking. I bought a cheap car that needed repairs. My car was going into the shop that week and long story short – worst week of my life so far. But weeks like this show you who you are as a person and what’s important to you. It shows you how much other people care about you and even though they’re stressful, you still get something out of them.

This weekend I’ve never felt more productive and I’ve learned how to make money without having to work at a job that I no longer love. It’s a great feeling and don’t be scared if you hate your job, look for another one.

Be you.

Yard Sales: Setting Up

As I’ve prepared for the upcoming yard sale in June, I’ve started to think about how to set it up. Being a female, I have a lot of clothes to sell. But even though I have a lot of clothes to sell, I also want to attract men to come to the sale and find other things that they need in their lives.

So keeping that in mind, I have decided to have all the clothes towards the back of the sale with everything else towards the front so it doesn’t just look like a clothes sale. Here is my general idea for the yard sale. Please let me know what you’ve done that’s worked for you 🙂

Yard Sales: Organizing and Getting Ready

As I’m getting ready to have my big moving out yard sale I’ve started to realize that oops, I didn’t organize how I stored anything. This is definitely not me, I’m a very organized person and somehow I didn’t think it through when I decided that obviously I can just put books and clothes in this box and worry about it later. NOPE.

The best thing you can do when you’re going to have a yard sale is organize. You will not know if you need ten tables or if you need thirty and let me tell you – there’s a big difference.

What I’ve been doing is as I find things to sell, I will price them, place them into a box marked #__ with what is in the box with “yard sale” written on the box so I know how many boxes of stuff that I have. It’s not the worst organization system, but it’s  definitely not the best. I would definitely recommend sorting like items together. I am a female so I have a lot of clothes to sell which means I have boxes marked “small clothing” and “pants” and then I have a tote with the medium sized clothing so far. I have other boxes marked with DVDs, Craft Items, Jewelry and Lotions and the like.

Not my image.
Not my image.

Another thing to consider as you’re collecting items, is to consider having a section of your yard sale reserved for free items. Many of the things I have in boxes marked free stuff are old toys, magazines and information on planting or colleges that I think someone else would enjoy. Since my main goal is to declutter, a lot of the items I’ve put in there could go for 10-25 cents by I’m not honestly bothered by this because I’d rather just get rid of the stuff.

Consider what your main goal is – is to make money or to just get rid of things?

Check out this post on how to attract buyers!

Yard Sales: Attracting Buyers

So as I begin my hunt through the house to find things to sell at the yard sale I’ve started to wonder.. I live in the middle of nowhere, how will they find me!? So let’s talk about how to get creative!

If you live on the main drag through town, you don’t really need a whole lot of signs. If you live a few turns this way and that way, you should definitely consider setting up signs. So here are some tips that I plan on trying:

  • Make the signs bright. What I plan on doing is putting two bright colored poster boards together so that it really stands out.
  • Make sure that things are written CLEARLY. I like to go yard saling once in a while and I hate when I can’t figure out what the person is trying to say! Use a common font, not cutesy wutesy type of font.
  • All you really need to include on the sign: the words “yard sale,” the days and times, the address(optional, but always good to have) and an arrow pointing the way. AND WRITE BIG.
  • BALLOONS. This might seem silly, but who doesn’t love balloons? Attaching them to the signs and definitely make yours stand out. (Additional idea that I will be trying: I want to incorporate the balloons into the sale. I’m thinking about writing things like “DVDs,” “women’s clothes” and things like that and putting them in the areas with those items to make it easier to find items.)
  • Make sure there is a sign AT EVERY TURN.

Another way to attract buyers (if you’re tech savvy) is to use Facebook groups and Craigslist. This is a great way to get it out there for more people and reach people who might not even be on the same side of town as you. It’s also easier because you can list all those unique items that you have for sale and also post pictures of what’s going to be there.

The last idea that I will be trying is putting up flyers. At the laundry mat in town there’s a giant billboard where you can put flyers and this is another way to get it out to people. List those fancy items, give them the date and time and tell them to be there!

Also check out this post about finding the right time, day and date for a yard sale!