The Season of Yard Sales

Well the school year is slowly coming to a close as I finish my junior year. I’m very excited because, of course, this means that my senior year will begin this fall and not only that, but I will be turning the big 1-8 this winter. The first thing that comes to mind when you hit that age? FIRST APARTMENT.

So as I begin my search of apartments and start browsing through moving tips, I have begun to realize how much STUFF I have. I come from a mother of hoarding and so I have planned a grand exit – a yard sale! My mom isn’t very happy about the idea, but I’m super excited to be able to make money PLUS help declutter the house and make it even easier for me to move!

In honor of my yard sale extravaganza, I am going to share with you guys what all I have planned to do for it and how I plan on setting it up! Of course I will be sharing after pictures but I’d love to hear more ideas! This is going to be a split up into a few different posts because, let’s be honest, I rant.

First things first. I plan on having it on a Friday and Saturday in June. I think June is a great month for garage sales because

  • It’s cooler outside.
  • I’m personally less busy.
  • And who doesn’t love to start off their summer by buying more junk!?

Fridays can be a hit or miss with yard sales. It’s always better to have it during the evenings but I plan on starting my yard sale at the same time on both days. This way there’s no confusion and for the people who are lucky enough to not be working.

Saturdays are ALWAYS the best day. Everyone is out and about and heading to the beach or feeling all stuffy from being stuck in the office all week. I feel this is a great day to have it and I think it’ll be the best selling day for the yard sale.

I’m going to do the yard sale from 8AM to 4PM. I’ve heard that there are always early birds and that’s why I decided that 7AM would be a horrible start time. My main goal is to declutter so having it until 4PM will give it plenty of time to demolish the stash.

You should always ask around and find out what days and times have worked the best in your city. They change city to city, but I feel these days are pretty general.

Next… read about how I plan to set up and the best way to get attention to your sale!


The Big Kahoona

I’m talking about college.

First off, why is every colleges’ admission, requirements – and basically everything about the college – different? You are a seventeen or eighteen year old and they want you to go through twenty different college websites to learn about that college and then try to pick a few that may have actually made sense to you? How does that even work?

Second, why is college so expensive? It’s basically like the first decade of your education was free and just a trial period, now pay $10,000 a year to learn more and do good in the world. The worst part of that is that at eighteen, we are forced to choose what we want to do for the rest of our lives. A month ago we had to ask to go to the bathroom and now we’re expected to handle that big of a responsibility?

College, I hate that you intrigue me.

Round Trip

Drip, drip
My heart rips
The blade slips
Oh, my shaky hips
And chapped lips
Drip, drip
They gave me tips
On how to nip
I yip
As the blade starts to dip
Drip, drip
They said it was a slip
But really it was a trip
Guess I wasn’t equip
To deal with their rulership
Drip, drip
I’m headed on a round trip

Teenagers and Stress

Those two things go together like apple and pie, don’t they? People say that becoming a teenager and growing older is a “great thing.” But, let’s be honest, do they really know what they’re talking about?

They expect so much from us. And what does that stress us out about?. Good grades or “GPA.” College. Expectations and not being good enough. Being able to manage a good social life with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Those boyfriends and girlfriends stress us out because we have to find time to spend with them and we have to stress about sexual practices with them. We have to put up with family issues that we’re having. We’ll get stressed because we don’t have time for school, homework, a companion, extracurriculars, a great social life AND spending time with family while still getting a good night’s rest.

How are we supposed to do everything that everyone wants from us and not find a horrible way to cope with it? These days kids aren’t coping the way they should. They’re over eating or not eating at all. They’re harming themselves physically with razor blades. They’re using drugs to help “advance” them or alcohol to “numb” the pain. Causing so much stress for others isn’t worth it. It can effect their whole life.
It can scar them.
It can ruin them.
But worst of all…

It can kill them.

My Moving Out Process

This is more of a post for me than you, but maybe somebody will find it helpful. I’m a very organized seventeen year old. (Not your typical teenager.) But definitely add your tips and plans in the comments. I always need help.

One year to six months before moving out:
If you don’t already, find a job. Many apartments require a security deposit, plus pet deposit if you’re bringing pets and they allow it, so it’s very important to have as much money saved up as possible. Try to have saved upwards $1,000, maybe more depending on where you live.

Nine to six months before moving out:
A good way to save money is to buy essentials whenever they’re on sale. Many people don’t take advantage of coupons, but they can save you a ton of money. Favorite shampoo is on sale? Grab a couple extra bottles. Toilet paper at a killer price? Come on, who isn’t using that? Get essentials only. Do not go out and buy a fancy microwave or TV. Save your money.
*Unless the appliances are on sale like during Black Friday. My plan is to buy all of the essentials I’ll need for an apartment during this year’s and next year’s Black Friday.

Six to three months before moving out:
You’re getting closer.. Now’s the time to start apartment hunting. Some places won’t be available until a certain date and you should definitely start skimming through pages like Craigslist to see if there will be anything available during the time you plan to move out.

Three to one month before moving out:
You found the perfect apartment! Now’s the time to start planning a house warming party(definitely recommended. People will bring you stuff.) If you’ve just graduated from high school and had a graduation party, you might already have everything you need from that. If not, I hope you budgeted(will write a future post about this.) Start making a list of the things you’ll need in the apartment – lamps, appliances, storage areas, essentials, food.

Three to two weeks before moving out:
Send in a change of address form to the post office. If you’re having a party, make sure you’ve checked with your guests about RSVPs. It’s best to plan a party AFTER you’re settled though. Order a new mattress if you’ll be purchasing one.

One week before moving out:
Start packing up whatever you will not need before your move out date. Make sure to label things! Start recruiting people to help you move in. Now’s a good time to start looking into getting furniture. Some good things to remember to have: couch, dining room table with chairs, coffee table, dresser, night stand, bookcase, any storage containers you’d like.

Day of move out:
Start cooking up or order whatever you plan to feed the helpers with(helpers that are promised food typically show up.) Try to load your vehicle up with stuff the night before in case you have a late start the next day. Unload, feed your helpers and relax! You are now moved out!

The Consequence of Actions

Almost three years ago, I met someone. He was my manager. He was good looking. He was dangerous. He was everything a teenage girl could dream of. Fancy car. Successful. Stubborn. I fell for him. He was the first guy I ever fell for. As I look back, I don’t regret that I fell for him. I don’t regret the fact that if I hadn’t have fell for him that I might be different – less damaged now. I don’t even regret not listening to others when they told me to walk away from him. You know what I regret? I regret that I let him treat me the way he did.

I was young. My mother disapproved. Actually, everyone did. It frustrated him in a way that encouraged him to verbally abuse me. I should’ve stopped it there. I didn’t. Instead I let it happen. I let him pretend that we didn’t love each other as he ran off to have sexual intercourse with a girl. I let myself forgive him. Why? I still rack my brain to figure that out. What was so worth holding on to that I let myself do that?

Why do we allow ourselves to be treated in that way? In a way that nobody deserves? It’s been nearly ten months since he walked out, a little over eight months since a new man walked into my life. But I still get white in the face, nervous in the stomach and a racing heartbeat when I see him. Am I scared of him? Am I scared of what has happened since then? So many times I’ve questioned the entire relationship since the night he broke my heart and told me it was over for good – there was someone else.

Ladies, gents, do not put up with this. I am a person that has to learn a lesson on their own in order to believe something. It’s a curse. Don’t feel pressured like you have to do the opposite of what people say to you. People who are older know what they’re talking about. They’ve been through the pain of first heartbreak. I fear it’ll never go away, but I fear more that there are other people out there feeling the same thing, and I don’t know who you are. I’m sorry for you. I’m sorry for us. This isn’t fair. But when has life ever really been fair?

Anger Triggers

Show of hands, who has ever taken the time to write down everything that is an anger trigger for them?

handStarting right now anyway.. Here is a list of things that upset me.

1. Getting accused of something I didn’t do.
2. Someone telling me to “cheer up” when I’m in that hungry cranky zone.
3. Telemarketers. They aren’t so much as an anger trigger, but more of an annoyed trigger. But I feel they should be on this list.
4. People who don’t answer after you miss their call and call back in less than five seconds.
5. Lies. Who isn’t upset by this?
6. People who can’t remove the empty toilet paper roll and put a new one on.
7. Stress. It goes from stress, to unhappy, to annoyed, to PO’ed.
8. Name calling or bullying.
9. Not keeping promises. “But you promised!
10. Procrastination. I like to procrastinate and then get upset with myself for doing it.

Well this certainly isn’t all of them, but they make me, me.
What makes your blood boil?